Last season bikinis seem faded and rigid?....making you having to purchase a new one every season! The sun, sand and water can take a toll on your favourite swimsuits, check out our tips for taking care of your bikinis so they last you beyond the season! 


But before that, the quality of your swimwear itself plays an important role on how long will it last, but these tips below can help: 

Tip 1, Wash after each wear:

Yes, you heard that right-each wear! Whether you decide to go in the water or not. The sun, sand, sunscreen and sweat itself can be harsh on your 'kinis. Make sure you at least rinse them with cool water and little soap right after each wear! 

Tip 2, Handwash your swimsuits and bikinis with cold water:

It's definitely easier to toss them into the machine, but the often use of machine washing deteriorates the fabric and color in the long run. Handwashing is gentle on the fabric and preserves the look & feel of your swimsuits. 

The best practice is to wash them with cold or cool water. Yes they are highly resistant, but still delicate. With chlorine & salt their pH changes, and its a must to rinse them in cold fresh water.

3. Be gentle! 

It's a normal thing to do after washing, where we twist and squeeze the bikini to remove excess water. Avoid it! Although they are made of stretchy fabrics, it damages the fabric fibres.

Instead, fold them and gently press them against your palms to remove the water. 

4. Avoid direct sunlight

Too much sunlight can damage the fabric. Try to hang your swimsuits preferably in shade or at least where there is less direct sunlight. This will preserve the fabric colors and prevent discoloration.

5. Stay away from heat

Your bikinis have enough exposure to sun and heat, let's try to avoid giving them extra heat. 

Avoid ironing, using hot water for washing, storing them in plastic bags to make them last longer!

6. Storage is key

When the summer season ends, we often just toss them into our wardrobe or put them in a plastic bag. Instead, store your washed bikinis and swimsuits in a fabric bag. This will protect it from dust and moisture, ready in time for the next summer! 

Swimwear are like your best friends, you want them to last!

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