There's a lot of buzz going on about a minimalist wardrobe or a capsule wardrobe. Are you looking to start your own little minimalist closet?

First of all, this does not mean you ditch your current wardrobe and start buying a whole new capsule closet, but rather re-using & repurposing most of your existing wardrobe and honestly, knowing what you own! It sounds silly but actually knowing what you own, helps you by not buying similar products as well as you know how to mix and match. 

Ideally, a capsule wardrobe contains from 30-50 items including clothing, bags, & shoes. If it’s your first time trying to build a capsule wardrobe, don’t try to go extreme. Instead try to gradually decrease it over time.  

Here are few tips to keep in mind while building your own minimalist wardrobe:

Tip 1# Choose clothes for the life you have

There is no point in simply following someone else’s wardrobe list. You need to choose your clothes based on the lifestyle you have. If you are working in an office, you might want to keep a balance between office wear, home wear & active wear. While lets say, you are working from home and do not go out to party much, then you may want to limit the party dresses, and add more casual/home wear/ yoga pants etc. So in short, think about your lifestyle and what types of outfits you would need to wear, so you can choose the right clothing for your capsule.

Tip 2# Choose neutrals for base colors

Make blue, black, white, khaki & beige your favorites. These neutral colors make the best base colors for your wardrobe essentials. They match with everything, making them easier to wear interchangeably. 

Bright colors & loud patterns on the other hand may find it difficult for you to keep repeating them, as they stand out more. You may also find it difficult let's say to match a bright yellow or neon with all other pieces in your capsule. 

This doesn't mean you can never wear a pattern or bright colors, you just need to be mindful of it’s proportions vs the neutral shades.

Tip 3# Ignore trends

Stop chasing trends. Trends come and go, while your minimalist wardrobe list needs to be useful season after season. Instead of going behind trends, find your own style and own it! You will feel more comfortable in the closet essentials that represent your style and body. 

Tip 4# Spend on quality, not quantity

Your capsule wardrobe is meant to last you season after season, this holds true if your pieces last you too! If you invest in better quality products, the less chances they would have of falling apart, looking worn out, fading etc. Thus, more likely you can continue wearing them, without worrying of it looking ‘worn out’. And yes, lasting you more seasons means that you won’t need to buy it often ;) …...remember, that's why you are building this staple wardrobe to avoid excessive consumption.

Tip 5# Make sure they all interchange

The idea of  this capsule wardrobe is to create more outfits from fewer items. Making sure you can interchange them with one another, gives you so many different looks to play with. Ideally, all your tops & bottoms should go with one another. Try to avoid picking an item that goes only with one or two other items. This limits the choices you will have to wear. 

It may take some time getting used to the minimalist wardrobe if you are not used to this. Take it easy, and gradually decrease the number of pieces in the wardrobe and learn what works best for you and your lifestyle. 

You may also want to create different capsule wardrobes per season, while still using some all-season wears that could be worn all year round. If your lifestyle requires you to travel a lot, you can also create a separate capsule for travel, this way making sure you are able to maintain the same lifestyle but minimizing your wardrobe.