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Welcome to La Vouga

We offer a curated collection of high-quality fashion made by independent artisans. We are mindful, ethical, and stylish.
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Hand-crafted, hand-picked

We work with hugely talented people that create beautiful things. At La Vouga, you support artisans that create their items by hand, and only when needed. We carefully choose which creators we work with to ensure our products meet our standards.

Made to last

At La Vouga, we don’t follow trends. We believe in a timeless style, where great designs will always look good. And by investing in high-quality materials and talented artisans, you know your pieces will last many seasons. Not only that, you’ll be buying unique pieces by independent designers.

Not just fashion, but slow fashion

We curate our collections based on beautiful, classic designs. But our products aren’t just pretty. They are also part of the slow fashion movement – the idea that it’s more ethical to invest in high-quality pieces that last, over poorly-made, unethical fast-fashion products.

Ethical and sustainable

We work with independent artisans that share our values. Our products are 100% hand-made, sustainable, and ethically-sourced. From the materials to the packaging, working conditions to environmental impact – we promote a conscientious lifestyle that our customers can trust.

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