I had the pleasure to meet and have a chat with Elisabet Vallecillo, the designer & founder of Colmillo de Morsa. Get to know about the brand, the passion, and the struggles. Read on for more! 


About Colmillo de Morsa

Welcome to Colmillo de Morsa, a sustainable fashion brand that has its atelier in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain, where Elisabet and her team will welcome you with open arms and a beautiful smile, making your shopping feel luxurious, conscious and for that – very special. 

Wait, did I just say luxurious? Yes, in the sense that you get professional assistance, deep knowledge, and a transparent explanation of the production process, along with top-quality pieces and real human contact. This is what real luxury means for me. 

In Colmillo de Morsa you can find beautiful unique pieces made from certified sustainable fabrics. The feel of the latest collections is charming and subtle. The winter collection invites you to be comfortable and serene while being stylish and original at the same time. The summer collection* is airy and fine, using pastel or earthy colours, inspired by nature, very feminine and original. Check out their entire collection on La Vouga!

Elisabet also practices zero waste, she tries to create a parallel collection of bucket hats, totes bags, etc. from leftover materials of the previous collections. Making sure all fabrics are used to the fullest. 

All the clothes are designed and produced in Barcelona. In fact, the “local” aspect is one of the main objectives of Colmillo de Morsa.

So how it all started? 


Elisabet started Colmillo de Morsa 10 years ago with a friend, when Spain was in severe economic crisis and it was hard to get a job in the industry. She had just finished her design studies and she was looking to create a company that would be different from what she had seen in the fashion industry so far.

A sustainable fashion brand was a big challenge at the time, due to lack of sustainable materials and practices. However, it did not break Elisabet, who persisted and developed her business into a successful, quality-oriented and appreciated brand. 


What are their biggest challenges?

Like for most eco-brands, Colmillo de Morsa’s challenge lies in high costs, not only of raw material but also of small production volume.  Moreover, today Elisabet has a multi-tasking role that requires market research, design, management, marketing, and customer care. There is a reason behind the thinking that an entrepreneur has to be a superwoman/man, like in the case of many other brands I have talked to recently. 

The new crisis also does not leave hostages and Colmillo de Morsa had to adjust their collection size and range. Nevertheless, Elisabet is optimistic and continues to work on her collections calmly and progressively, with strength and determination. This, in turn, allows her to enjoy spending time with her little daughter... conscious and sustainable motherhood. I am delighted :)


There are more and more people who choose responsible fashion, who incorporate sustainability as a way of life. More and more of those are spreading awareness and having a positive impact on our planet!


Meeting Elisabet has been an absolute pleasure. You can shop her collection here


Written by: Gosia Blasiak

Gosia Blasiak is a highly talented fashion photographer & director, committed to promote sustainability in fashion industry. Check her full portfolio here